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NEW Wyoming Armory Long Range Tactical Rifle in 30 Nosler

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Item #: 30NosTac Price: $0 Plus Shipping & Handling - 3 Day Inspection

Yes, Wyoming Armory builds custom order modern long range precision bolt action rifles! With a successful history of competitive rifle shooting, our gunsmiths build superbly accurate bolt action rifles to the customer's specifications. Whatever the shooting activity; competition, tactical, hunting or anything else, Wyoming Armory will work with you to build the rifle that you need. This particular rifle was built for a left hand shooter who wanted an ultra long range precision rifle. Using the new 30 Nosler cartridge and the .30 caliber 230 grain Berger bullet at 2900 fps, it has the capability to shoot accurately well past the 1 mile mark. The stock was made by Accuracy International, the action by Defiance Machine and the barrel by Bartlein. The barrel specifications are a 30" Whitley Palma weight Bartlein barrel with a 1 in 9 twist. The Cerakote colors are custom mixed and applied here in the Wyoming Armory shop. Please call with your requirements.

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