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! SOLD ! CUSTOM .22LR Winchester 1885 Winder Silhouette Rifle

c-1885-rifle-2b.jpg c-1885-rifle-2c.jpg c-1885-rifle-2d.jpg c-1885-rifle-2c.jpg c-1885-rifle-2d.jpg

Item #: 1885WSR Price: $1,950 Plus Shipping & Handling - 3 Day Inspection

A great way to get into the BPCR .22LR Silhouette competitions and have a competitive rifle without spending a fortune. Or have a really accurate Winchester 1885 for recreation and hunting! This is a custom built Winchester Model 1885 Winder that retains its standard outward appearance but has the capabilities of an extremely accurate match rifle. Sort of like the stock appearing '67 Chevy pickup with the race tuned 500 hp engine under the hood.. The stock .22 Short chambered barrel has been replaced with a Douglas Air Gauge match barrel with a match chamber in .22LR. The rear sight mounting holes in the receiver were welded up and then it was then polished and color case hardened. The wood was completely refurbished. The trigger was tuned to a crisp 4 pounds. A special two piece extractor system was fitted to replace the troublesome original Winchester design. The rifle is topped off with a MVA Globe front sight and scope blocks. The rear tang is drilled and tapped for an optional rear tang sight. Please call for additional details.


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