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Wyoming Armory Custom Bolt Action Rifles, Model 1885 Rifles, Color Case Hardening images/white-line.jpg

The Source for
Winchester Model 1885 Rifles and
Long Range Custom Bolt Action Rifles

High Quality Period Correct Firearm Restorations

Bone Charcoal Color Case Hardening

Wyoming Armory has an enviable history of consistently delivering best in fine firearms and accessories to competitive shooters, hunters and collectors. Wyoming Armory specializes in all aspects of firearm repair and restoration and in building the one of a kind custom firearm of your dreams. We provide prompt service, outstanding quality and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Wyoming Armory 1885 Winchester Parts for Sale

Wyoming Armory maintains an inventory of quality vintage and modern firearms and related accessories. If you are looking for a fine American single shot or a top of the line bolt action sporting rifle then check out our inventory on this web site.

Keith Kilby, our Master Gunsmith, can help you design your next custom rifle from scratch. Keith is also very experienced in the restocking, restoration and gunsmithing of fine rifles.

Ask about Wyoming Armory's bone charcoal color case hardening services. We are experienced in color case hardening vintage and modern firearms (subject to the suitability of modern metal alloys and finishes).

Wyoming Armory is known for our custom precision long range rifles, especially for F Class and Precision Rifle Series PRS competition as well as tactical use and hunting. Each one is built to exacting standards and individual customer specifications to deliver outstanding accuracy as well as suitability for purpose.

Our expertise with the Winchester Model 1885 Rifle also makes Wyoming Armory your go-to builder and gunsmith of .22 BPCR Black Powder Cartridge Rifles.

A precision long distance rifle is only one part of the shooting equation. Wyoming Armory has the knowledge and real world experience required to achieve optimum ballistic performance for every round fired in every rifle we build, matching it to a specific purpose and individual shooter. Call us for a consultation to discuss your specific requirements today.

Here at Wyoming Armory, we understand your firearm is special and that you want it done right the first time. A satisfied customer is our best advertising and we will make every effort to get your project done correctly and on time. You have our word on it.

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